Act Responsibly With Car Taxes Paid In Due Time

Vehicles are an important aspect of the lives of millions across the globe. Vehicles help us commute and keep up with the fast-paced present-day life. Owning a car makes your everyday life a lot easier. It is also an interesting asset for an individual. It gives joy and also saves a lot of our time on a daily basis. Vehicles have a huge impact on our lives while making living easy and comfortable at the same time. However, with pleasure come overheads. These overheads comprise of maintenance cost as well as the tax your need to pay the government. An owner has to pay tax accordance to the tax rates in their respective countries. In the year 2008, the government of the United Kingdom introduced tax rates based on CO2 emissions. The new tax rates are flexible according to the emissions produced by your car. Hence it promotes a greener and more eco-friendly atmosphere.

Where To Pay Your Taxes?


 DVLA manages the collection of vehicle excise duty, issuing numbers to cars, issuing licenses to drivers as well as various types of operations related to vehicles. Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is also known as DVLA is an organization under the direct control of the government of United Kingdom. It maintains a complete database of the drivers and cars all over the country. The department of transportation has full access to the DVLA databases.

Things To Know Regarding Your Vehicle Tax

DVLA is based in Swansea which is in the South Wales. It has an extended network of offices all over the country. It also has an electronic vehicle licensing portal where users can pay the excise duty online.

  • In the United Kingdom, if you are driving on the road or storing your car on public roads, you have to pay road tax or car tax. If the car is kept off the road, then the vehicle should have Statutory off Road Notification (SORN) else it has to be taxed.
  • Violation of this rule can lead to the removal of the car from the streets or have your vehicle clamped.
  • In the UK, the car taxes are based on the car’s CO2 emission rate.

How To Put A Check On Your Car Taxes?

The emissions are measured in g/km. The DVLA has created different tax bands for the different types of emissions from cars. Band A comprises of cars that emit up to 100 g/km of gas. The cars put in band B emit 101-120 g/km whereas cars having band C emits 120-150 g/km and so on. The owners who meet the band A and band B criteria are not required to pay excess tax.  This seems to be a fair deal for keeping the environment clean.

Paying Taxes In Time Can Save A Lot Of Hassle

For people who have paid the DVLA car tax, they can display the proof of their clearance by displaying a valid tax disc. The road taxes can be renewed from time to time varying from yearly to half yearly. A fine of £80 is imposed within 4-6 weeks of due date.

DVLA Issues MOT For The Vehicles To Meet Road Safety

DVLA is the one stop solution in the UK about vehicles. DVLA stands for Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency; it is run by the Government of UK. Every documentation pertinent to the vehicles is issued y the DVLA. When you are residing at DVLA, you cannot take your car out on the road without a driving license issued by the DVLA. DVLA looks into every corner right from issuing a registration number to giving a valid MOT. It is of utmost importance that every year you get the MOT test done by DVLA to avoid any legal harassment.


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MOT test confirms that the vehicle which you drive on the road meets environmental and road safety standards. It is indeed essential to get the MOT for the plush car that you ride on the road by the third anniversary of its registration or if it has over 3years old. There are some vehicles which need to get the MOT test done within one year of registration. If you take your car out on the road, you will have to 1000 pounds as fine. MOT test is valid for one year. Remember if you drive your car even after the MOT has expired, you will be prosecuted if you are caught.

Detail Information

To get the MOT certificate, make sure to contact an approved MOT centre. Centres that have 3triagnles of white colour with the blue sign is eligible to carry out the MOT. For the book, your MOT contacts an approved MOT centre. The cost of MOT depends on the vehicle type.  The maximum fee that a MOT centre can charge is 54.85pounds for a car and for a motorcycle it is 29.65pounds. To know in detail about the cost of MOT for different vehicles visit the official website of DVLA.

How It Works

Important parts of the vehicle are checked during the MOT test to ensure that the legal standards are met. You can see the test from the viewing area, but you will not be allowed to disrupt the tester. Gearbox, engine, and clutch are not covered are not covered under the MOT test.

Test Result


When you take your vehicle for a MOT test, it will either pass or fail the test. If your vehicle fails the MOT test, then you will be given a list which you need to fix. If your vehicle passes the MOT test, then a certificate will be issued. The certificate will show mileage recorded at the current test and last 3 tests that your vehicle has passed. If your vehicle fails to pass the test, then a refusal certificate will be given to you. If you think that it is wrong, you can appeal.

Process Of Appeal

If your vehicle fails the MOT test, discuss the test result with the test center before the repairing starts. For appealing against the test result fill up a complaint form and submit it to DVSA within 14days from the date of the test.

Thus it is of primary importance that you get an authenticate MOT certificate to avoid being fined on the road.

How To Get More Details From Driving License

Are you looking for a detailed support regarding your car, then the best way to get that is through the help of the contact details of them? You are going for an auction of vehicles, and you need some of the details about the vehicle. The number plate is definitely a special one. That is the reason for its auction. There are some of the basic things that you have to look out here. You are already paying a big amount for the auction when the taxes and the other things are included with it; then the task also becomes a great problem for you.

Driving License

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The first thing that you will get from the DVLA site is a detail of the driving license of the person holding the car. This is going to help you a lot in the activities. The driving license of the holder is going to give you the perfect details about what you are looking for.

Driving Details

Along with the driving license, you need to check out the top help regarding the different paper works of the person. The SORN report will suggest about the time of the car’s usage. When one gets out of the town, your car is not going to be used in the right way. This is one of the reasons, where you are going to get complete details of the car.

Different Test Details

Along with the SORN detail, you will also get the details of the different tests of the car. It can be a pollution test report or can be any report related to the tests. The details of the company and the car are one of the things that are to be noted. There are some of the other things that you need to check here and that you can find in the best possible way.

Engine Quality

You can also get complete details of the car, and that is going to be really helpful for your purpose. The quality of the engine and the other details related to the car can be understood easily from the site if you give the detail of the DVLA number. You can find the complete details of the car engine, and that is going to be really a helpful thing for you.

So, the DVLA telephone number is going to give you great support, especially when you are willing to go for a second-hand car. Differed details are your need at that time, and that is available on the website and also can be noted from the customer site. So, get in touch with the customer support team and solve your problem in a smarter way. You are going to get the perfect help from the different additional locations. Once you have the DVLA details with you, you can find all the details that are possible to get over the internet. So, stop waiting for your broker and get the details by yourself. You will always find an edge over others, while you go for that.